Hello !

I'm a graphic designer,

painter and soccer player

in Baltimore and Seoul.

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    ychung01 < at > mica < dot > edu


    Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

    -BFA in Graphic Design & General Fine Arts



    Perspective [SOLO], Grand Gallery Lazarus, MD

    Hidden Center [SOLO], Gateway Gallery, MD

    Last Minute, Fox 3 Gallery, MD

    Painting Show, Fox 2 Gallery, MD

    Painting Drawing Fine Art Show, Sheila & Richard Giggs Gallery, MD


    MICA Juried Exhibition 2017, Decker Gallery, MD

    Exelon Exhibition, Exelon, MD

    Crosscurrents, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Annenberg Gallery, PA

    GFA, Painting, Drwaing Exhibition, Lazarus, MD

    GFA Junior Independent Exhibition, Lazarus, MD

    Color Abstraction Exhibition, Main O Gallery, MD


    Intro to GFA Exhibition, Main O Gallery, MD

    Sophomore Painting Exhibition, Lazarus, MD

    Personal Narrative Exhibition, Main O Gallery, MD


    Presidential Scholarship 2014-2018

    Starr Foundation Scholarship 2014-2018

    Thalheimer Scholarship 2014-2018

    General Scholarship 2015-2018

    Dean's List 2017-2018